Love is in the air… so SPAY and NEUTER!

Kitten season is just starting, and we’re seeing more and more pregnant cats, so it’s a good time to spread the message: SPAY and NEUTER all your pets! There are still too many cats and dogs dying in the shelters each and every day for anyone to not get their pets sterilized. Even if your pets stay indoors all the time, there are still “accidents” when Fifi or Fido slips out accidentally and ends up in a family way!

All our pets are spayed or neutered before they go to their forever home. This is part of our commitment to reducing the number of pets that are killed in shelters. There are lots of low-cost clinics that are available in the metroplex who can spay or neuter your pet so you don’t end up with unwanted litters. There are also TNR (trap-neuter-release) programs available as well, and they can help with outdoor cats in your community who are reproducing. See our resources page for information on a few clinics in the area.


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