Empty the Shelters, but support your local Rescue, too!

To all those wondering why we, as a nonprofit organization, will not be able to participate in the “Empty the Shelters” no-adoption-fee special going on tomorrow throughout our community, I offer you the story of Dillard. 
Dillard came to us from a citizen who found him crying outside near a busy shopping center parking lot. Dillard will never have the chance to be part of an empty the shelter day, because shelters are not equipped to handle newborn kittens. Shelter staff do not work 24 hours a day and cannot dedicate the time necessary for a kitten such as this. As Dillard grows, he will need food and veterinary care, all of which will be provided by our rescue group from the money we receive as donations and from our adoption fees. We receive no taxpayer funding, we have no line item in a city budget to pay for the supplies needed, no paid staff, no income from licenses, violations or penalties…
What we do have is volunteers who dedicate their own time and money, are available around the clock as needed, and who are willing to take in the MOST vulnerable. So when you adopt from the shelters, we truly do appreciate you helping “empty” their cages, but please realize there are more animals you won’t see, ones deemed “rescue only” or “unadoptable” and those animals will – if they are lucky – end up with a rescue group like ours, and we will have to pay for the care to get them healthy and ready to be adopted. It costs a lot of money to provide these second chances, and we truly rely on our adoption fees to cover our expenses. Thank you for understanding and supporting our mission to reduce the needless euthanasia of homeless pets through rescue and adoption!! See you tomorrow at PetSmart in Hurst, Texas from 11 am to 4 pm!!


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