Clear the Kennels!!


This Saturday, August 15th, many local shelters will be participating in a very special event called “Clear the Shelters” Day. On this day, the shelters are waiving their normal adoption fees in an effort to find homes for every adoptable pet in their shelters. This event was very successful last year, with many shelters “running out of” adoptable pets! How wonderful it is for every pet that gets to spend their night in a home instead of a cage!

Here at Lone Star Kitties, we get approximately 85% of our cats and kittens from our local shelters, so we’re working all year to help clear out cages at our local shelters. We usually take the ones that the shelters can’t adopt out; the bottle babies, the sick cats, the cats that are overlooked and stay too long. But there comes a point when our foster homes are full and we can’t save any more. That’s where we are right now, due primarily to “kitten season”. (Don’t forget to spay/neuter to prevent unwanted litters!)

So what we’re asking this Saturday is that first, everyone go to the shelter and save an animal. Every animal adopted from a shelter is an animal that won’t need to be saved by a rescue. But after all the cages are emptied at the shelters, don’t stop there! Let’s empty the rescue kennels, too! That way, the next time a cat or kitten comes into a shelter that needs immediate rescue, we won’t have to turn them away because we’re full.

Spread the word, we’ll be staying late at the Petsmart in Hurst to do adoptions after the shelters are closed, so if you don’t find your purrfect feline at the shelter, or they “run out” of cats before you get a chance to adopt, please come by and see us! We’ll be offering half price adoption fees for all kittens, and all our adult cats are only $9 to adopt during the month of August as well!

Let’s clear the shelters AND the rescue kennels!

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